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For any suggestions, complains or anything else concerning Betattitude, you can contact us by completing the following form or simply by e-mailing us at .

Please read the F.A.Q. below before  sending us an e-mail with your question


If you want to join the Betattitude's Mailing List and receive a FREE Betting E-Book and free picks, then state your e-mail and type "I want to join Betattitude's E-Mail List" in the title.

'Αμα έχετε κάποια ερώτηση ή πρόταση, παρακαλώ συμπληρώστε την παρακάτω φόρμα και θα σας απαντήσουμε το συντομότερο.

Επίσης μπορείτε να εγγραφείτε στην Mailing List και να λάβετε δωρεάν ένα E-book. Απλά στείλτε μας ένα e-mail ή συμπληρώστε τη φόρμα βάζοντας επικεφαλίδα "I want to join Betattitude's E-Mail List".

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A1: Do i have to be a member of Betattitude to register to the Forum ??

No. You can register to forum and exchange ideas even if you are not a member of

A2 : How Can i register to Betattitude ?

You don't need to register to have access to our picks

More information check on the "Register" page               

A3 : How i receive your picks ?

By email. Exception is BA Live where we can assign you a forum account.

: Are the suggested bookmakers safe to bet ?

YES. We have carefully examined the selected bookmakers after years of testing their service and we are 100% sure that you won't have serious problems.

A6 : How can i register to Betattitude's e-mail list ?

Simply send us an e-mail and type "I want to join Betattitude's E-Mail List" in the title.

A7 : Do i have to be a Betattitude member in order to get access to your "Extra Benefits" offers?

No but it helps to get the offer if you say that you are our subscriber.

A8 : How do you rate your bookmakers ?

We rate our partners-bookmakers according to seven (7) attributes each one carrying a different weight on the final mark. In particular the atrributes are :

* Interface (10%)

   We examine the functionality of their webpage, their presentation and language support.

* Bet Variety (18%)

   We examine the variety of offered bets and whether you can bet singles,triples etc.

* Bet Limits / Odds (14%)

   We examine the odds and bet limits applied to each bet by the bookmakers.

* Customer Tactics (12%)

   Each bookmaker has a different tactic against winning customers etc.

* Payment Options (8%)

   We examine the variety of payment options and their fees.

* Reliability (20%)

   The most important factor. Can we trust this bookmaker?

* Customer Services (18%)

    Another important factor. We examine the quality and quickness of their customer service.

B1 : How do your tipsters select their picks ?

Each tipster has his unique way of posting picks. Be assured that all picks are carefully examined by them before posting them. For more information check the "Profile" page.

B2 : What time do they post their picks ?

There is not a particular time when they post their picks because each one post them sepately. You can read more on

C1 : How can i pay for the BA's pay-services ?

You can pay using either PAYPAL  by sending the payment to our e-mail address stating your BA username (if applicable). MONEYBOOKERS payment is also available but you must check our forum on the last post of the "Pick Notification" section to check which is the current account

C2 : Am i a full-member when i purchase Betattitude pick?

Yes. You are entitled to all the advantages that a full member has.

D1 : Does a PREMIUM pick constitute a FIXED match ?

No. We carefully examine our PREMIUM Picks and we need to see some attributes on them in order to clasify them as PREMIUM picks.  It is possible that there is a "background" on a PREMIUM pick but this doesn't mean that all PREMIUM picks are fixed matches.

D2 : Where i can find more information about PREMIUM picks ?

Go to the "Premium Services" page.

D3 : How much your services cost ?


F1 : What exactly is the "GOAL MADNESS" Service ?

The "Goal Madness" service is based on a computer software created by one of our ex tipsters which give picks which have to do the number of goals scored on a match.

F2 : What does the "LIVE" indication mean ?

It means that you must make this bet LIVE (In-play) and that you must probably have an account on a betting exchange site. It also means that you must place the bet IN-PLAY!